Let Talkspace Help

If you or someone you know suffers from physical or mental health issues, let Talkspace help. Talkspace is an app that connects you to a licensed therapist. With Talkspace you will be matched with a therapist that meets your needs. This therapist you will have for your entire time with Talkspace. You can text, use audio, picture, and video messages to connect with your therapist. You may chat to your therapist through the mobile app or through a web browser. Your therapist is background checked and will make sure things stay private between the two of you. Talkspace also offers couples therapy if that is something you are seeking. Talkspace therapists will help you with depression and anxiety. This talk therapy app also helps with situations around the LGBT community, and helps veterans. Through Talkspace you can communicate with your therapist anytime and anywhere which makes it more convenient than waiting on a doctors appointment. The pricing is affordable with payments starting at just $49 a week. You will receive 1-2 responses a day from your therapist, if you feel this is not enough and may need more assistance you may schedule a video chat. Customer support is available to help answer more questions should they arise.

Talkspace has helped over 1 million people including the 28 time medalist, Michael Phelps. Michael partnered with Talkspace to tell his story about opening up with anxiety and depression. Michael Phelps suffered in silence and thought it was time he needed to get help with his problems. He started on Talkspace and the therapist helped him tremendously. He was able to talk and truly open up about the things that were holding him back. His story should encourage individuals with similar issues to come forward and get the help they need. Through this therapy Michael was able to feel stronger and more determined. In recent news Talkspace added psychiatric as part of its services. They can now prescribe medications that are needed through engaging with the company’s digital interface. Many people need therapy whether it be physical, mental, or couples, don’t suffer in silence, let Talkspace help.