Jason Hope Supporting Medical Research

Jason Hope is looking to help people that are experience age related issues. In addition to fighting back against the physical signs of aging, Jason Hope is looking to help find treatments such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes from even affecting a person.

Jason Hope is an internet based entrepreneur. He is using his philanthropy ideas to help find anti-aging treatments. He is working with the SENS Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit that is looking to stop age related disease. They are looking to find a cure for these conditions. This foundation focuses on rejuvenation biotechnology to help reduce the causes of age related diseases. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

Jason Hope began his work with the SENS foundation in 2010 and since then he has donated a great amount of money to their research projects. Hope states that he invests in the SENS because he is looking to help with the advancements of medicine. He feels that with this research there can be major changes made to the healthcare as well as the biotech industries. In addition to donating money , Hope also donates his time. He is an active member of the group and participates in several outreach efforts.

Jason Hope feels that rejuvenation biotechnology is the future of healthcare. He feels that this research is finding on ways on how to prevent diseases and allowing people to live a higher quality of life in their elder years. As a person ages their metabolism becomes damaged making them more likely to develop certain health conditions. SENS is looking at ways to help the body before the disease happens. Hope fully supports their research and is looking to involve others in the operation as well. He speaks positively on behalf on this company and wants to use his influence to change health care for the better especially for elder people. Read more: https://www.wingsjournal.com/jason-hope-airlines-internet-of-things


Betsy DeVos Dedicates Life And Career To Education Reform

Betsy DeVos has spent much of a life and career fighting on behalf of parents who she feels should have more say so into where there kids of educated. DeVos has fought for three decades now working to shift funding away from public school and in the direction of schools that are owned and operated by private organizations.


The fight for Mrs.DeVos began years ago when her, and husband Dick, had school-aged children of their own. The couple frequently visited Potter House, a Christian-centered school that has served the Grand Rapids, Michigan area for more than three decades. While visiting the school, Betsy and Dick came into contact with many parents of much more modest means than themselves who were both heirs to billion-dollar fortunes.


Betsy shared with the parents at Potters House a desire to see their children educated in the best environment to allow for them to reach their fullest academic potential. The bond Betsy DeVos developed with the parents led to her providing support for individual students at the school and from their Betsy DeVos was all in.


Dick joined Betsy wholeheartedly in the fight for school choice and even launched a successful bid in 1990 to gain a seat on the Michigan Board of Education. Betsy started a foundation that provided parents with scholarships to send their children to charter and private schools but knew before long that much more would need to be done to affect real change.


During the 1990s, Betsy DeVos served as a member of the board for two national charities dedicated to the school choice movement. The two charities, the American Education Reform Council and Children First America, both functioned by using tax credits and vouchers to expand educational choice.


Mrs. DeVos made an unsuccessful attempt in 1993 at changing the Michigan state legislature to include using public tax money to provide vouchers and scholarship for students in the state to attend charter schools. Betsy considered the defeat a major setback but only regrouped and fought harder.


She responded to the defeat by starting a political action committee, to be known as The Great Lakes Educational Project, that dedicates its efforts to reform the educational system in Michigan by facilitating the expansion of charter schools.


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The work Betsy DeVos has done for years in the school choice movement has not gone unnoticed and shortly after the inauguration of the United States President Donald Trump, Mrs. Devos was rewarded by being appointed as the Secretary of Education for the country. And as can be expected for Betsy DeVos, her fight continues to provide parents with the option to choose where their children are educated.