OSI Industries Knows Business When It Comes To Choosing What Areas To Expand In

In Spain, the presence of OSI Industries has come to a conclusion that they need to expand into the number of food items they can create or process at once. In the recent changes, OSI has decided to increase number of products they provide. Previously the line included mainly beef, pork and fish along with eggs and other poultry ingredients.

GenOSI has since opened up in the Philippines. This sector will carry a number of quality food products which are then created with the hospitality sector in mind. They have partnered up with Fred Uytengsu to open this new facility.

OSI Industries has a large number of plants and production warehouses around the world. Outside of the Philippines, OSI Industries is present in Germany whereas it purchased Baho Foods. This warehouse is creating a wide assortment of deli meats outside of meats. They are also creating a variable of convenience foods and snacks.

It is OSI Industries Food Group that owns the controlling stake in the Baho Food Group. This Dutch food company is mainly involved within the manufacturing of meat products as well as other foods which are used within the food hospitality service area. The transaction is going to allow for OSI to maintain control over the decisions made within the business.

Baho Foods which is now under control of OSI Industries is present mainly in the Netherlands and Germany. They carry control in 5 other subsidiaries and combined hold over 60 years worth of history within the market for and selling of a wide assortment of deli meats and snacks across 18 different European countries.

There was already a presence in the food industry with OSI however with Baho Foods under their belts, OSI is going to hold an ever broader array of customers in the European market and will build off from the business portfolio it holds.

OSI Foods has been in the market for expanding for many years. They are always looking for new ventures to make which will expand their business into other areas of hospitality. They are one of the largest food manufacturer around the world.

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