Isabel dos Santos’ Contribution to the Angola Economy

Isabel dos Santos is a successful businesswoman in Angola. She is popular for her growth of e-commerce and her contribution to the development of technology. Jose Eduardo dos Santos, a former Angolan President, is her dad. Isabel became the richest woman in Africa in 2013. Her net worth was over the charts, and she had great influence in Angola. Isabel is very dedicated to her work. Isabel dos Santo’s career has been a journey of success. She started by working in London where she held executive positions for different firms and has worked for organizations on the European stock exchange and has led them to continuous business growth. Her contribution to firms can be easily noted due to her determination and self-drive.

Isabel dos Santos moved back to Angola where she worked on a project with her father. Isabel was among the first to open a club in Luanda Island. The business thrived which made her passion in business grow more. She currently has several companies in both inside and outside Angola. She has majorly worked with Portugal in expanding her business entities. She partnered up with various organizations in Angola to make her dream of telecommunication a reality.

Isabel dos Santos had an interest in technology and making Africa go digital. She believed technology would make Africa as a country grow and also provide a platform where Africa would interact with other countries. Africans needed to be educated on technology for them to use it. Isabel dos Santos saw the potential in Africa, all they needed was better technology, and the countries would greatly develop. She created Unitel a communications centre that provides education to the citizens of Angola. She aimed to have skilled personnel in Angola in the future. Isabel’s companies have provided job opportunities in the country thus raising the living standards of some people.

Isabel dos Santos advocates for women’s well-being and equal opportunities for them. She believes women can do anything once given a chance. Isabel does not believe in the patriarchal African society where men should be in authority while women do household chores and take care of children. Isabel dos Santos empowers women to be go-getters.


Utilizing the New Residential Investment Corp Company

Being able to use a good company that has the best investment opportunities that you need can be difficult. However, the New Residential Investment Corp company has been around since 2011 and has worked with thousands of different projects to get them the residential home building that they need. There are a lot of individuals who are using the New Residential Investment Corp company and are thrilled with what the organization has been able to do for them. You will be able to use their services if and when you want to do investing for yourself.

There are many ways for you to learn more about New Residential Investment Corp and see what they are able to do for you. For one, you will find them on their website and can contact them directly if you need to either utilize them for their services or are looking to get answers to some of your questions. Next, you will be able to find them on company social media where you will be able to see what other people are saying about the company. They will be more than happy to assist you with any and all projects that you might have for yourself.

Another great investment benefit to the New Residential Investment Corp company is that they have a variety of career and job opportunities available to those who want to work for their agency. You can apply for these jobs right on the internet to save yourself some time and hassle. You will also be able to find out more information by contacting them and seeing what they are able to do for you. There are a lot of benefits to using this leading investment company and it is important that you take a look at this option for your own needs and know that you are choosing a company that works for you. You can get the investment options that you need without it costing a small fortune and without having to worry that you are using a company that you will not be able to get the help from that you need.

Paul Mampilly’s Life Story Is All Things Finances

Although Paul Mampilly a successful investor and a financial executive, he actually started off with very little privileges. Paul was born in India and he spent years living in a tiny village with his family while they struggled in the economy. Because of this, Paul has never taken anything he has achieved for granted and his success desire has always been growing. While he was still young, Paul showed not only a desire to learn, but he was particularly good with numbers and finances.

When Paul Mampilly completed his higher education at a university, he traveled for many years around the world to work for different organizations in an attempt to build his successful career and life for his family. These days, Paul is not only a financial and investing success, but he is constantly advising others and speaking on the investment industry to create as many successful entrepreneurs and investors as he can. In his editor position at Banyan Hill, Paul Mampilly is the writer of the his weekly newsletter, Profits Unlimited, which has become one of the leading publications on the platform with hundreds of thousands of readers every month.

Paul’s success as an investor on Wall Street has earned his business reputation in the US and he has been all over the media in the past several years doing interviews and speaking on the industry. Before Paul Mampilly earned a big reputation, he started out his career working as a portfolio manager for a company known as Bankers Trust. To Paul’s benefit, Bankers Trust was purchased by Deutsche Bank, a much larger and more prominent investment bank. Because of Paul’s position and his excellent track record, he was able to come along and join with Deutsche Bank during the acquisition. This was the first major opportunity for Paul that pushed his career in the right direction.

James River Capital Changing Leadership Strategies

A lot of skill and development is needed to manage a team effectively in the areas of art and science. Time and focused effort will make you a great leader but a few changes to the approach can make a huge difference. Several companies such as James River Capital have had researchers conduct studies to determine the most effective strategies for leadership and there are three changes that were revealed to improve the style of leadership.


Support, Don’t Lead Your Team


A critical shift in mentality is one of the strategies being implemented in companies when it comes to leadership. The shift from leading to supporting not only changes the way roles are viewed but changes the interactions with the team. Changing a single word can have a large impact.




Studies have shown that critical feedback from employees is withheld by approximately 85 percent of employees. People will not go to their employer with an issue if they believe they will get into trouble by doing so. There is no room for engagement, collaboration or innovation when communication is not transparent and open.


Psychological Safety


A feeling of safety is important when it comes to focusing on creating by leaders. People should feel safe going to superiors with improvements, challenges and problems. Showing appreciation when concerns and escalation happen is a way to encourage a safe environment. Everyone should have the opportunity to speak when the team meets.


All Opinions Matter


Supporting the team means that you remove obstacles that are holding them back. A list of everyone in attendance at meetings will allow you to check them off as they speak ensuring everyone had a chance to be heard. Attempt to engage the quieter members of the team without being pushy so they feel comfortable sharing. The team at James River Capital is putting this into practice to help grow the company and better serve its clients.


James River Capital


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