Talos Energy Makes Progress with the Zama Appraisal Program

Talos Energy started spudding the Zama-2 appraisal well recently, a point that marked the beginning of the discovery appraisal program. The program includes two wells and one sidetrack.

Talos Energy looks to find out the reservoir’s aquifer support after drilling the Zama-2 well. It will also increase the well’s depth and find out if there are any Marte exploration prospect. Afterward, an up-dip vertical sidetrack will follow from the main bore hole. The main borehole will be cored as well as performing a drill stem test by the second-quarter 2019.

The company also plans to drill the second appraisal well to the south of the original discovery well and delineate reservoir continuity as well as quality. At the end, it looks to better understand the reservoir geology of the Zama-3. By mid next year, the appraisal program is expected to be complete.

Talos Energy is a leader in the oil and gas exploration and production. The company’s management team is made up of executives with decades of experience in the sector. It acquires operated shelf as well as developed deep-water assets in the Gulf of Mexico. It uses innovative techniques as well as lead seismic technologies to explore, exploit and optimize the assets.

The company has a culture of working as a cohesive group and it has posed positive results for over a decade. The strong track record of impressive results wouldn’t be achieved if not for its motivated and hardworking employees. Talos Energy has created a conducive environment for its employees and now, it is a great place to work.

According to employee surveys, Talos Energy came on top in the Top Workplace in the Houston Chronicle Top Workplaces rankings. Talos has topped the list for 4 consecutive years.

As a growing company, Talos has career opportunities in corporate, production and exploration disciplines. It enables its employees to strike a balance between work and life by offering competitive benefits, flexible work schedules, opportunities for advancement and many more.

The company has vast geological, geophysical and operating experience spanning through many years. Timothy S. Duncan, President and CEO of Talos released a statement on the wake of the beginning of Zama appraisal program announcement acknowledging the progress they have made so far with the program.

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Organo Gold Is Steadily Becoming A Competitor In The Coffee Industry

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One of the ways they have done this is by adding Ganoderma Mushroom to the mix, which has a wide variety of health benefits, including increased stamina. Organo Gold was first founded a decade ago in 2008 by Bernardo Chua and they are currently located in London. Organo offers a variety of products that people typically use every day, including coffees and personal care products. Today, the company has more than 500 employees and growing, despite being a privately-owned and held organization. One of their major focuses and best sellers is their coffee and tea products, most of which are infused with Ganoderma.

Organo offers a variety of different teas alongside their premium coffees, including red and green tea as they are growing heavily around the world for their health benefits. Organo Gold also has business opportunities available for other companies or standalone entrepreneurs by distributing their products, which will earn the second party money as compensation for spreading their brand name. Bernardo Chua is on a mission to spread Organo Gold across the globe with healthy alternatives to everyday products that millions of people use each and every day. Ganoderma, which is used in most of Organo’s products, is full of all kinds of benefits, including nutrients and immune-boosting effects.

Talos Energy In The Gulf Of Mexico

Talos Energy Inc. is in the Gulf of Mexico. The reason is the conditions Geologists determine. Geologists determine the conditions by testing samples of the seafloor in the Gulf. 3D seismic imaging equipment maps the seafloor. If the conditions test positive for specific rock, minerals and the 3D image looks like an oil deposit is there. Talos Energy will begin the process of building a drilling platform.

One reason that the Gulf of Mexico is so valuable is that it is an area where dinosaur, plants and other organisms died. The plants and animals millions of years ago died and over time soil and rocks covered up the bodies. Next, the bodies decayed. The seafloor along with the heat from the earth core turned  decayed bodies into oil deposits. This makes the Gulf a sought after area for oil.

Talos Energy Inc. oil and gas company gained over 14 blocks of deep and shallow acreage in the Gulf of Mexico over the last ten years. Talos Energy also bought the company Whistler Energy ll, LLC. Whistler Energy production rate was 1,900 (BOEPD) also known as Barrels Of Oil Per Day. The drilling platform Whistler owned was in the Gulf. The sale was closed August 31st of 2018.

Whistler’s asking price was $52 Million dollars from Talos. Because Talos has active producing wells already established in the Gulf. Whistler received over $100 Million Dollars for the sale. Even though Talos only paid $14 Million out of pocket. As Whistler also sold the collateral it held. The collateral was over 77 million barrels of oil and bonds. That along with the sale of the company totaled over $100 Million dollars.

Therefore, Talos Energy continues to gain more property and drilling platforms that already produce thousands of barrels of oil per day. Talos Energy Inc. will have the new 14 blocks of property analyzed while the existing platforms bring in profit. The company will also build new platforms on the sites that have been analyzed. The analyzed sites show to be promising oil producers.

Talos plans to drill both shallow water and deepwater wells in the Gulf soon. With both establishing profitable wells for years to come.

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