Isabel dos Santos’ Contribution to the Angola Economy

Isabel dos Santos is a successful businesswoman in Angola. She is popular for her growth of e-commerce and her contribution to the development of technology. Jose Eduardo dos Santos, a former Angolan President, is her dad. Isabel became the richest woman in Africa in 2013. Her net worth was over the charts, and she had great influence in Angola. Isabel is very dedicated to her work. Isabel dos Santo’s career has been a journey of success. She started by working in London where she held executive positions for different firms and has worked for organizations on the European stock exchange and has led them to continuous business growth. Her contribution to firms can be easily noted due to her determination and self-drive.

Isabel dos Santos moved back to Angola where she worked on a project with her father. Isabel was among the first to open a club in Luanda Island. The business thrived which made her passion in business grow more. She currently has several companies in both inside and outside Angola. She has majorly worked with Portugal in expanding her business entities. She partnered up with various organizations in Angola to make her dream of telecommunication a reality.

Isabel dos Santos had an interest in technology and making Africa go digital. She believed technology would make Africa as a country grow and also provide a platform where Africa would interact with other countries. Africans needed to be educated on technology for them to use it. Isabel dos Santos saw the potential in Africa, all they needed was better technology, and the countries would greatly develop. She created Unitel a communications centre that provides education to the citizens of Angola. She aimed to have skilled personnel in Angola in the future. Isabel’s companies have provided job opportunities in the country thus raising the living standards of some people.

Isabel dos Santos advocates for women’s well-being and equal opportunities for them. She believes women can do anything once given a chance. Isabel does not believe in the patriarchal African society where men should be in authority while women do household chores and take care of children. Isabel dos Santos empowers women to be go-getters.


Brian Torchin And The Creation Of The Hcrc Agency

Brian Torchin is the president and owner of the HCRC staffing an agency based in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. The HCRC staffing is an agency whose main goal is filling up medical positions available around the world. This is made possible by the availability of online resources for the company and the professionals.

Brian Torchin graduated from the college Chiropractic based in New York with a degree in Exercise Science. He didn’t find the idea of looking for a Job Pleasant which is the main reason he founded the HCRC. The philosophy the company works on differs from any other company because it is based on making long-time partnerships with their employees as opposed to any other companies of the same kind. With time, the organization has grown to one of the most successful staffing agencies around the world. The agency has grown and has over 50 offices worldwide. The offices are based in Europe, Asia, Canada, and in Australia among many other places. Find out more about Brian at

In his social media, he has up-to-date posts from his Facebook ,twitter to his linked in among several others. Taking Facebook as an example, he has created several groups which link several groups of individuals in the medical field. He also posts jobs openings for any qualified individual out there with the qualifications since they are always looking for the best in the field. On Twitter, he tweets information about the availability of any chiropractic help and has a total of over 1000 followers. He has been featured on CBC Radio and also on CNN. Whenever he posts, Brian Torchin provides different links to different available jobs. The agency is on the hunt for individuals with the following specialties; Physical therapists, dental assistants, physician assistants, and chiropractors. The jobs he gives link to are available for both full-time and part-time jobs depending on the individual. Read more:,13.htm

Psi Pay As A Different Method To Pay For Purchases

Electronic payments for purchases versus the traditional credit or debit card or check has made making purchases safer in the U.S. and abroad.


European markets have adapted to this payment process. Shopping areas have made this type of payment accessible through their point of sale systems and online shopping made this form of payment an option.


The system works by the consumer putting cash and credit card account information on to the e-payment system and making payments from it.Americans and Europeans alike utilize this payment method in increasing numbers.


The security and convenience makes making e-payments a viable choice when shopping. Psi Pay is an e-payment company that is based in the U.K. The ever-increasing numbers of new clients is due to the convenience and safety of e-shopping. E-shopping is done from the consumer’s mobile phone, which for most consumers, the mobile phone is always available to them and is always with them.


When making a purchase, the consumer is directed to their e-payment account if they choose that option to make a purchase. The consumer then makes the purchase via that e-payment account. There is no credit card or checking account information required. The consumer only enters the e-payment account information.


The trend in the U.S. is slightly different. Some retailers do not have the system in place to accept e-payments, so that limits the ability of the consumer to make e-payments.


Psi Pay is global, so consumers in many countries can access and utilize their e-payment system.


E-payment systems also make money transfers possible. Since e-payments are a financial entity, they are tied to financial institutions. The financial institutions that are associated with a particular e-payment source handle processes that come up through any discrepancies that occur in payment transactions.


Making purchases and utilizing e-payment options is a long time practice. It being utilized more and more as time progresses.

Psi Pay’s Contribution to Contactless Payments

Shervin Pishevar Tweetstorm Like A Bolt Hurled from Mt. Olympus

A super angel investor has been defined as basically a hybrid between an angel investor and venture capitalist. Whatever the case, few other individuals alive today embody the definition of super angel investor more completely than Shervin Pishevar.

The Iranian-born American entrepreneur has long-since achieved the status of “giant” in the high tech corridor known as Silicon Valley. That’s because Shervin pishevar has founded, co-founded and/or backed some of the biggest success stories to emerge from Silicon Valley in recent years.

Thus, when a guy like Shervin Pishevar launches a 21-hour, 50-post-long Tweetstorm, an entire industry takes a pause, not only to see what he has to say, but to digest the implications.

Shervin Pishevar had a lot on his mind, obviously. His massive Twitter session included pithy comments on the state and future of the very landscape where he made his name — Silicon Valley itself. His views are gloomy. He thinks the best days of Silicon Valley may be behind it, and the reasons are complex.

For starters, Shervin Pishevar said the various behemoths, such as Microsoft, Amazon and Apple, have grown into monstrous monopolies that are sucking all the oxygen out of the entrepreneurial landscape. They are stifling innovation by not allowing young upstarters to gain traction with new companies and new ideas.

Shervin Pishevar believes government regulators should consider breaking up the giants, just as they did AT&T years ago. Another factor in the troubled future of Silicon Valley is competition from around the globe. There is no reason that other high tech centers will arise to challenge the legendary California high-tech culture.

Mr. Pishevar was only getting started. His Tweetstorm also took shots at the U.S, stock market (wildly overvalued) and the state of Bitcoin (also overdue for a downward correction).

Certainly, it was a Tweetstorm for the ages.    

Paul Mampilly: Financial Genius

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly is an MBA graduate from Fordham University. Paul Mampilly has a proven record of success on Wall Street. With the possible exception of mailroom clerk, he has held just about every position imaginable as a financial analyst. He grew the hedge fund at Kinetics Asset Management to $25 billion with 26 percent average annual returns, one of the most substantial on record according to Barron’s.

Paul Mampilly’s Move from Wall Street to Main Street

He soon tired of the hustle and bustle of Wall Street making money for the elite, already rich investors. He longed to spend more time with his family and to help the average person on Main Street. He still does the research and makes investment recommendations but for 90,000 mostly regular investors through Banyan Hill Publishing.

Mampilly offers a new recommendation to his followers each month in an eight-page monthly newsletter, Profits Unlimited. You can also follow or message him on Stock Twits, a social network of more than one million investors.

Paul Mampilly also administers two trading services, True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes, besides writing a weekly column for the Winning Investor Daily, an arm of Banyan Hill with an email subscription of 400,000 readers and is available on Facebook. All while helping what he calls “do it yourself investors” make money in the stock market.

The Biggest Change in Investing Over the Last 20 Years

Paul Mampilly claims the most significant change to investing that he has seen is the number of people using computers, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. These “trading robots” disadvantage the average DIY investor. He says before “Exchange Traded Funds” (EFTs) you might be able to study a fund manager and pick up something about how they trade and perhaps pick up some of the same stocks they would buy and promote. With algorithms and ETFs, they might buy hundreds of stocks, how can the average trader get a leg up on that type of volume?

Another problem, to Paul’s thinking, is the method of valuing companies. It used to be the Price to Earnings (PE) ratio was a good indicator, but If you look at Amazon and Tesla, they grew so rapidly without having those big earnings until just recently.

IPO Shared Recommendation: Spotify

Paul shared his recommendation for the recent Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Spotify. He states that the IPO was different than most public offering in that they weren’t doing it to raise money, so they didn’t pay the vast Wall Street fees that most would and for another reason because of its liquidity. It makes money from subscriptions (music) and pays its expenses monthly so that its earning versus expenses are predictable. Its also an artificial intelligence (AI) play because of how they learn what music we will buy.

Common Mistakes DIY Investors Make

He says the most common mistakes stock investors make is going all-in on one stock, or even when they buy five or ten stocks, they spend large amounts of money on the one they feel really good about, which you should look at the fundamentals.

His Favorite Entrepreneur: Elon Musk

When asked who his favorite entrepreneur was, he pointed to Elon Musk, saying “…he has the guts to start the kind of companies that he has started.” Like with Tesla, electric cars were not even a marketable product when he started, and “…in terms of the array of businesses he’s creating…””…he’s my favorite entrepreneur by far.”

When you look at his meteoric rise on Wall Street and his investment in the average DIY investor on Main Street you have no choice but to admire him.


Betsy Devos: the 11th US Education Secretary

Because she was recently picked by President Donald Trump as the Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos has received a great deal of attention of late nationally. However, she has been involved in politics in her home state for a long time. Initially from Michigan, DeVos has been a prominent political force, in additon to very opinionated on educaton issues, in Michigan for years.


The influence of DeVos has stemmed largely from the fact that she came from a particularly wealthy family. DeVos is the daughter of the auto parts businessman Edgar Prince. Although she was born into a wealthy family, DeVos had little or not experience inside politics and in the world of Washington politics before she was appointed by Trump. Although she has never been previously a Washington insider, many of those familiar with her past assume that DeVos will take full advantage of her new position to propogate her views regarding education and be more influential than she was able to be in her home state.



Betsy DeVos’ general history



Originally from the town of Holland, Michigan, DeVos is now 59 years of age. Her father became a biollionaire through his business. Not only was DeVos born into a wealthy family, but she also married into the Amway company’s fortune through her marriage to Dick DeVos. Although unsuccessul in his attempts, her husband did attempt to win a public office by running the Michigan gubernatorial election of 2006.


Those who have criticized DeVos have drawn attention to the fact that neither she nor her husband attended public schools. Also, critics note that DeVos and her family cannot relate to those who attend public shools or colleges due to their wealth.



The opinions of Betsy DeVos when it comes to education issues



One noteworthy issue when it comes to Betsy DeVos and education is that she has been a proponent of charter schools for a long time. She has historically fought to support charter schools instead of sending public funds in support of traditional public schools.


At the same time, the state of Michigan has long been noted for having a disproportionate amount of charter schools for the amount of families willing to pay for them. The state’s charter schools are not known for particularly strong performance. The rise in charter schools in Michigan has unfortunately detracted from the performance of the state’s public schools.


To learn more, visit

InnovaCare Health aims to top healthcare sector under Rick Shinto

Innovacare Health as a provider of managed health care services, mainly government-sponsored health plans such as Medicare Advantage and Medicaid. These are some of the most accessed health plans in North America, and Innovacare Health is ensuring that these problems are rolled out efficiently to facilitate better service delivery to the beneficiaries of these programs. Innovacare Health currently leads other competitors in the provision of services in healthcare matters. The company is driven by the need to see patients and enjoy high-quality services that are based on the most recent technologies. The services offered are also and designed to be cost-effective such that everyone can afford them. It is the desire to see everyone benefit from good medical services that have seen this company succeed in a very short time. Although Innovacare has existed for many years, it is only in 2012 when it officially began operations.

Rick Shinto is the chief executive officer of Innovacare Health. He joined the company in 2012 and was tasked with the role of implementing strategies that would see the company take the shortest time possible to grow. This is a goal that he has accomplished with the help of other senior executives who share in the same spirit as him. He has constituted team executives and junior employees who are executing the mandate before them with passion and desire for success. This team of leaders at Innovacare has seen the company reach new heights of success, unlike ever-seen-before.

Rick Shinto has worked with other organizations in the past. Before 2012, he was working with Aveta Inc. as the president and chief executive officer. Previously, he was also with other organizations such as Cal-Optima Health Plans, Pathways Medical Management, and North American Medical Management. It is through these organizations that he managed to learn some of the most important aspects of the health sector. He joined Innovacare Health so that he could execute programs that would fill the gaps that were in the industry.

Shinto is a graduate of New York University where he obtained his medical degree and the University of Redlands where he obtained his masters in business administration. He is a winner of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012 for his passion for innovations in entrepreneurship. He is also listed as one of the Top 25 Minority Executives in the healthcare industry. Under his leadership at Innovacare Health, it is true to say that he has accomplished and surpassed the expectations of many.

Utilizing the New Residential Investment Corp Company

Being able to use a good company that has the best investment opportunities that you need can be difficult. However, the New Residential Investment Corp company has been around since 2011 and has worked with thousands of different projects to get them the residential home building that they need. There are a lot of individuals who are using the New Residential Investment Corp company and are thrilled with what the organization has been able to do for them. You will be able to use their services if and when you want to do investing for yourself.

There are many ways for you to learn more about New Residential Investment Corp and see what they are able to do for you. For one, you will find them on their website and can contact them directly if you need to either utilize them for their services or are looking to get answers to some of your questions. Next, you will be able to find them on company social media where you will be able to see what other people are saying about the company. They will be more than happy to assist you with any and all projects that you might have for yourself.

Another great investment benefit to the New Residential Investment Corp company is that they have a variety of career and job opportunities available to those who want to work for their agency. You can apply for these jobs right on the internet to save yourself some time and hassle. You will also be able to find out more information by contacting them and seeing what they are able to do for you. There are a lot of benefits to using this leading investment company and it is important that you take a look at this option for your own needs and know that you are choosing a company that works for you. You can get the investment options that you need without it costing a small fortune and without having to worry that you are using a company that you will not be able to get the help from that you need.

The RealReal Gives Customers The Chance To Get One Of A Kind Pieces

The RealReal picks out fashionable and authentic luxury items and resells them on a convenient app. People can buy things like fuzzy Fendi shoes with little hearts on them from this shop and know that they are the real deal and not a knockoff. They can buy items that have been gently worn and still have a lot of life in them. The brand puts together great collections of used shoes, clothing, and jewelry at a lower price than one would find it new.

The RealReal shares pictures of its gorgeous bags and more on Instagram. It shows people the options that they have when it comes to buying things secondhand, as it shares about the authentic Gucci purses that it has for sale. It also posts about unique earrings and more, and anyone who is in search of great luxury items for a good price can count on The RealReal. They can find something that will fit their style and that they will feel good about because of it being secondhand and a bit more unique than most items.

The RealReal is all about finding the best, highest quality pieces and giving them a second chance. It has an app that people can easily navigate, and it has quickly grown because of the great luxury items that it has for sale. It has items from all kinds of brands, from YSL to Gucci, and it allows people the chance to pick up pieces that no one else is getting because each of them is used and one of a kind.

Meet The Force Behind the All Important Ashley Lightspeed Partnership

It goes without saying that the reason the all-important Ashley Lightspeed partnership is incredibly successful is that Ashley Brasier is brilliant. But that’s not the only thing that makes it successful. For instance, there are other partners at Lightspeed Venture Partners who are doing such an incredible job crafting unique ideas for both startups as well as struggling businesses out there.

Some of the other partners who are doing such a good job in assisting the Ashley Lightspeed partnership include Adam Goldberg, Alex Taussig, Chris Schaepe, Aaron Battalion, And Andrew Moley just to mention a few. These partners aren’t just motivated in their work but are incredibly gifted. View Ashley’s profile at Linkedin.

The latter is the main reason as to why the firm has been on an upward trend since its inception back in 1999 (as far as growth concerned). Apart from just being such a brill when it comes to conjuring up ideas that work for her esteemed client, what makes the Ashley Lightspeed partnership even better is the fact that Ashley Lightspeed is a hard worker and is always eager to learn.

And speaking of learning, she has had to go to a number of schools in a bid to equip herself with as much business knowledge as she could. Before getting into work, Ashley Brasier first of all had to study in Duke and Copenhagen right before starting her work at Bain. At one point, Ashley Brasier also had to leave Thumbtack to create time for her to study at Stanford GSB.

But since she was looking for a job that was much more operational than just consultancy, Ashley left  Bain and joined Thumbtack as the category manager. She then left Thumbtack to concentrate on her further studies and that’s when she heard all about Lightspeed Venture Partners and joined after falling in love with what they did.