Genucel and Chamonix Products

Genucel is a line of products that has produced the new anti-aging serum by Chamonix that allows you to have younger and firmer skin as you get older. The aging process is inevitable, and we cannot avoid it. However, the Genucel products provide you with an option to maintain your youth and get rid of all the lines and wrinkles that make you look older. These products have already been tested on humans that have volunteered, and therefore they are very effective. The aging process causes your skin to become droopy and saggy because of the fluid that accumulates in the area. That is why older people have baggy eyes and puffiness around the area. One of the core ingredients that Genucel has is Eyeseryl.

Eyeseryl is an essential ingredient that quickly eradicates baggy eyes. Eyeseryl eliminates the fluid that has accumulated around the eyes and eyelid which lids to a reduction in edema. The use of Genucel products ensures that the baggy eyes are eliminated within fifteen days of using because of this ingredient. One important factor to note is that the Genucel products contain twice as much Eyeseryl as any other product in the market to fasten the elimination of eye bags. Eyeseryl is also responsible for eliminating any glycation. Glycation occurs when a sugar and protein attach themselves together without the presence of an enzyme that can facilitate the process. Glycation causes the skin to sag as well. Another important ingredient that is contained in the Genucel products is PhytoCellTec. PhytoCellTec is an ingredient that is a stem cell, and it is derived from a Swiss apple.

This stem cell is responsible for strengthening the fibers in your skin cell and allowing them to rejuvenate more quickly. It is also responsible for strengthening the fibers in your skin. Another powerful ingredient that Genucel by Chamonix contains is an algal extract, goji berry extract, and green tea leaf extract. All these ingredients serve as powerful antioxidants that eliminate any damage caused in the DNA. The algal extract also acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient that protects your skin from any toxins that may be present. Collagen is also another ingredient that is contained in Genucel products. This ingredient is made from scales of fish, and it is meant to brighten up the skin providing it with the glow that it needs. The Genucel products are very effective in maintaining youthful skin and getting rid of eye bags.



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