Psi Pay As A Different Method To Pay For Purchases

Electronic payments for purchases versus the traditional credit or debit card or check has made making purchases safer in the U.S. and abroad.


European markets have adapted to this payment process. Shopping areas have made this type of payment accessible through their point of sale systems and online shopping made this form of payment an option.


The system works by the consumer putting cash and credit card account information on to the e-payment system and making payments from it.Americans and Europeans alike utilize this payment method in increasing numbers.


The security and convenience makes making e-payments a viable choice when shopping. Psi Pay is an e-payment company that is based in the U.K. The ever-increasing numbers of new clients is due to the convenience and safety of e-shopping. E-shopping is done from the consumer’s mobile phone, which for most consumers, the mobile phone is always available to them and is always with them.


When making a purchase, the consumer is directed to their e-payment account if they choose that option to make a purchase. The consumer then makes the purchase via that e-payment account. There is no credit card or checking account information required. The consumer only enters the e-payment account information.


The trend in the U.S. is slightly different. Some retailers do not have the system in place to accept e-payments, so that limits the ability of the consumer to make e-payments.


Psi Pay is global, so consumers in many countries can access and utilize their e-payment system.


E-payment systems also make money transfers possible. Since e-payments are a financial entity, they are tied to financial institutions. The financial institutions that are associated with a particular e-payment source handle processes that come up through any discrepancies that occur in payment transactions.


Making purchases and utilizing e-payment options is a long time practice. It being utilized more and more as time progresses.

Psi Pay’s Contribution to Contactless Payments

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