Betsy Devos: the 11th US Education Secretary

Because she was recently picked by President Donald Trump as the Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos has received a great deal of attention of late nationally. However, she has been involved in politics in her home state for a long time. Initially from Michigan, DeVos has been a prominent political force, in additon to very opinionated on educaton issues, in Michigan for years.


The influence of DeVos has stemmed largely from the fact that she came from a particularly wealthy family. DeVos is the daughter of the auto parts businessman Edgar Prince. Although she was born into a wealthy family, DeVos had little or not experience inside politics and in the world of Washington politics before she was appointed by Trump. Although she has never been previously a Washington insider, many of those familiar with her past assume that DeVos will take full advantage of her new position to propogate her views regarding education and be more influential than she was able to be in her home state.



Betsy DeVos’ general history



Originally from the town of Holland, Michigan, DeVos is now 59 years of age. Her father became a biollionaire through his business. Not only was DeVos born into a wealthy family, but she also married into the Amway company’s fortune through her marriage to Dick DeVos. Although unsuccessul in his attempts, her husband did attempt to win a public office by running the Michigan gubernatorial election of 2006.


Those who have criticized DeVos have drawn attention to the fact that neither she nor her husband attended public schools. Also, critics note that DeVos and her family cannot relate to those who attend public shools or colleges due to their wealth.



The opinions of Betsy DeVos when it comes to education issues



One noteworthy issue when it comes to Betsy DeVos and education is that she has been a proponent of charter schools for a long time. She has historically fought to support charter schools instead of sending public funds in support of traditional public schools.


At the same time, the state of Michigan has long been noted for having a disproportionate amount of charter schools for the amount of families willing to pay for them. The state’s charter schools are not known for particularly strong performance. The rise in charter schools in Michigan has unfortunately detracted from the performance of the state’s public schools.


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