Talos Energy Makes Progress with the Zama Appraisal Program

Talos Energy started spudding the Zama-2 appraisal well recently, a point that marked the beginning of the discovery appraisal program. The program includes two wells and one sidetrack.

Talos Energy looks to find out the reservoir’s aquifer support after drilling the Zama-2 well. It will also increase the well’s depth and find out if there are any Marte exploration prospect. Afterward, an up-dip vertical sidetrack will follow from the main bore hole. The main borehole will be cored as well as performing a drill stem test by the second-quarter 2019.

The company also plans to drill the second appraisal well to the south of the original discovery well and delineate reservoir continuity as well as quality. At the end, it looks to better understand the reservoir geology of the Zama-3. By mid next year, the appraisal program is expected to be complete.

Talos Energy is a leader in the oil and gas exploration and production. The company’s management team is made up of executives with decades of experience in the sector. It acquires operated shelf as well as developed deep-water assets in the Gulf of Mexico. It uses innovative techniques as well as lead seismic technologies to explore, exploit and optimize the assets.

The company has a culture of working as a cohesive group and it has posed positive results for over a decade. The strong track record of impressive results wouldn’t be achieved if not for its motivated and hardworking employees. Talos Energy has created a conducive environment for its employees and now, it is a great place to work.

According to employee surveys, Talos Energy came on top in the Top Workplace in the Houston Chronicle Top Workplaces rankings. Talos has topped the list for 4 consecutive years.

As a growing company, Talos has career opportunities in corporate, production and exploration disciplines. It enables its employees to strike a balance between work and life by offering competitive benefits, flexible work schedules, opportunities for advancement and many more.

The company has vast geological, geophysical and operating experience spanning through many years. Timothy S. Duncan, President and CEO of Talos released a statement on the wake of the beginning of Zama appraisal program announcement acknowledging the progress they have made so far with the program.

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Risk Parity and Program Trading as Part of Alternative Investment Gareth Henry.

When it comes to alternative asset investment, Gareth Henry is one of the knowledgeable pioneers. Henry has a vast experience on the opportunities and operations that are involved in private credit and equity as a form of alternative investment. In the medium article, Gareth Henry gets deeper in some of the pillars of alternative investment, like program trading, CTAs and risk parity.

For a long time, investors have been looking for ways in which they can hasten the speed at which they get their investment returns while they triple the returns. These endeavors have led to an increase in the number of ways that can be used to achieve the desired results. These invested operated outside the fringes of the market after they abandoned the fundamental analysis of the stock market. Though their methods are very legal, these methods can indirectly affect the prices of stocks with sudden and dramatic prize rise or fall through computer programs. This method of trade is referred to as program trading. See more at bizjournals.com for more business news.

Program trading is very similar to what is called pump-and-dump in security and exchange commission. One of the challenges that were faced at the beginning of the program was lack of techniques or methods to measure their impact. The only way that assured investors of their productivity was the fact that these programs yielded rapid and large profits for the experts on the programs and big investors.

On risk parity, Gareth Henry points out that this type of investment allocation technique is based on the volatility of the asset rather than the price. As the volatility of the asset increases so does it’s a weight on the portfolio. Since the investments holding period can run into years, the investments can be adjusted from time to time. Adjustments are often made at the end of each month, after calculating the current volatility and readjusting it on the portfolio.

Gareth Henry has worked with a number of alternative investment firms across the United States and Europe. He is the current Managing Director of the fortress investment group, where he oversees the marketing operations of the company’s Middle East, Europe and US branches.

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Paul Mampilly’s Life Story Is All Things Finances

Although Paul Mampilly a successful investor and a financial executive, he actually started off with very little privileges. Paul was born in India and he spent years living in a tiny village with his family while they struggled in the economy. Because of this, Paul has never taken anything he has achieved for granted and his success desire has always been growing. While he was still young, Paul showed not only a desire to learn, but he was particularly good with numbers and finances.

When Paul Mampilly completed his higher education at a university, he traveled for many years around the world to work for different organizations in an attempt to build his successful career and life for his family. These days, Paul is not only a financial and investing success, but he is constantly advising others and speaking on the investment industry to create as many successful entrepreneurs and investors as he can. In his editor position at Banyan Hill, Paul Mampilly is the writer of the his weekly newsletter, Profits Unlimited, which has become one of the leading publications on the platform with hundreds of thousands of readers every month.

Paul’s success as an investor on Wall Street has earned his business reputation in the US and he has been all over the media in the past several years doing interviews and speaking on the industry. Before Paul Mampilly earned a big reputation, he started out his career working as a portfolio manager for a company known as Bankers Trust. To Paul’s benefit, Bankers Trust was purchased by Deutsche Bank, a much larger and more prominent investment bank. Because of Paul’s position and his excellent track record, he was able to come along and join with Deutsche Bank during the acquisition. This was the first major opportunity for Paul that pushed his career in the right direction.

Paul Mampilly On Why He Is A Successful Financial Expert

When it comes to financial experts, Paul Mampilly is the real deal. He created mega popular newsletter Profits Unlimited to help average Americans invest their money and turn it into financial freedom. The accumulation of his business experience, knowledge, and hard work provided him with a track record that can’t be beat. Mampilly’s stock recommendations often make double, to triple digit gains.According to Paul Mampilly spend over 20 years working on Wall Street. He worked for financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, ING, and Kinetics International by managing and growing their hedge funds.

Paul was very talented at it, and quickly climbed the financial latter. This did not all happen with luck though, Mampilly had to work really hard to get there. He would work over time, long after his colleagues would leave for home because he was innately motivated to succeed. Paul Mampilly was invited to compete in the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition and won. He made a 76 percent gain on an investment fund from $50 million to $88 million dollars. This was only half the skill he show, because Paul did this during the financial recession. This certainly proves his financial knowledge as an expert.As for his Profits Unlimited newsletter, Paul Mampilly has his subscribers best interest at heart.

Paul strongly recommends that his readers create a sort of safety net for their investment by putting an eight percent stop loss each stock. To boil it down even further, it means they won’t lose a lot of money in the long run. Mr. Mampilly makes smart recommendations to his readers by going the extra mile. For each stock he recommends, Paul does 30 to 40 hours of research. Subscribers can trust that Paul’s stock picks are good investments tips. The successful financial was born in India, but moved to the United States as a young man. Paul earned a BBA in finance and accounting from Montclair State University in 1991. Six years later, Mampilly received his MBA in finance from Fordham Graduate School of Business in 1997. The senior editor currently resides in Delray Beach, Florida with his family.

Insight about the Music Industry by Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson owns an organization that offers services for different event planners and musicians as well. He got admission in a University course for theater design before starting his professional career in Nashville. Mr. Hutson is known as the audio engineer. He was able to find jobs in music-related industries and successfully became a project manager.

Clayton Hutson worked hard and eventually managed to develop a company. This company produces, manages and designs events such as concerts. Most of these events are related to rock music. Mr. Hutson has completed several managerial and technical tasks as well. He has managed famous artists such as Guns N’ Roses, Kid Rock and Pink.

Mr. Hutson went on a world tour back in 2005. This tour was called ‘Bleed Like Me.’ He traveled with the band named Garbage. They traveled to different cities in North America, Australia, and Europe. Mr. Hutson was working as the monitor engineer on this world tour. He worked with OneRepublic last year. He was monitoring the auto rigging system. This tour was named ‘Honda Civic Tour.’

He traveled to Asia and North America with the band for this tour. This tour went on for three months. Clayton Hutson recently gave an interview where he talked about his life and gave insight about his success in the music industry.

When he was asked about where he got the inspiration and idea for his company, he said that it was because of his past work experiences. He learned a lot about managing a band, live entertainment, tour production and the music industry as well. Mr. Hutson has all the skills required to manage live events such as concerts.

Clayton Hutson suggested the books named ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’ by Richard Carlson. He said that the advice given in this book helped him cope up with the stress that comes with managing such a job. He also talked about how iPhone has been one of the best purchases for him. It allows him to manage his company and events from any location.


Paul Mampilly – Working Smart Towards Achieving the Goal

Paul Mampilly is an exciting person in the field of finance. He obtained his MBA from the University of Fordham. After completing his studies, he began to put his education into good use by working at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He also worked at Kinetics Company and through his efforts, the assets of the company grew to $25. This made the company to be recognized as one of the best hedge funds in the world.

Eventually, Paul Mampilly became tired of helping the Wall Street to grow, and he wanted to spend some time with his family. Currently, he is still in the finance world working as an investment and research analyst. He loves helping other people invest their funds wisely. He teaches them how to make sound investment decisions that will lead to high returns. He uses newsletters to communicate Paul Mampilly’s investment tips and sound advice to help everyone get ahead.

Paul Mampilly is often featured on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, and CNBC. The way Paul Mampilly answers questions in these media stations makes people understand his career choices and how they impact his life. In 2016, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing, and since then more than 90,000 have become members of his newsletter. He also manages True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes which are elite trading services.

Mr Mampilly understands that the changes experienced in the stock market are a result of the advancement in technology. Computers are currently being used to track prices of stocks in the market, and they help to understand how stock trading is taking place. Some of the strategies that Paul has recommended for his users include long-term investments and between 8 and 12 stop loss.

After going through Paul’s story, there is nothing that links him to a scammer. We do not often trust people online, and we call them fraudsters. Paul Mampilly has helped many investors in the industry succeed. He has also helped many companies in the industry succeed.

Paul Mampilly’s : Youtube

James River Capital Changing Leadership Strategies

A lot of skill and development is needed to manage a team effectively in the areas of art and science. Time and focused effort will make you a great leader but a few changes to the approach can make a huge difference. Several companies such as James River Capital have had researchers conduct studies to determine the most effective strategies for leadership and there are three changes that were revealed to improve the style of leadership.


Support, Don’t Lead Your Team


A critical shift in mentality is one of the strategies being implemented in companies when it comes to leadership. The shift from leading to supporting not only changes the way roles are viewed but changes the interactions with the team. Changing a single word can have a large impact.




Studies have shown that critical feedback from employees is withheld by approximately 85 percent of employees. People will not go to their employer with an issue if they believe they will get into trouble by doing so. There is no room for engagement, collaboration or innovation when communication is not transparent and open.


Psychological Safety


A feeling of safety is important when it comes to focusing on creating by leaders. People should feel safe going to superiors with improvements, challenges and problems. Showing appreciation when concerns and escalation happen is a way to encourage a safe environment. Everyone should have the opportunity to speak when the team meets.


All Opinions Matter


Supporting the team means that you remove obstacles that are holding them back. A list of everyone in attendance at meetings will allow you to check them off as they speak ensuring everyone had a chance to be heard. Attempt to engage the quieter members of the team without being pushy so they feel comfortable sharing. The team at James River Capital is putting this into practice to help grow the company and better serve its clients.


James River Capital


James River Capital is an investment advisory company offering a vast range of services in the financial industry. Founder and CEO Paul Saunders currently holds several positions and has an extensive financial background. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/james-river-capital-corp/