The Ubiquitous OSI Group McDonalds

If you shop in a neighborhood supermarket, eat at a fast food restaurant, or occasionally order a pizza, chances are you have encountered a product from OSI Group McDonalds. In 1955, when Ray Kroc was acting as a franchise agent for the McDonald brothers and looking to open McDonald’s restaurants in the mid-west, he chose OSI Group, then called Otto & Sons, as the supplier of ground beef hamburger patties. OSI Group has been around since 1909 when German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky opened a butcher shop in the West Chicago suburb of Oak Park.

Starting as a small, family-owned butcher shop, OSI soon expanded to include both wholesale and retail operations. Once they were linked to McDonald’s, growth became meteoric. Under experienced leadership, first of Kolchowsky sons Arthur and Harry, then of Investment Counselor Sheldon Lavin, who quickly became CEO, OSI Group McDonalds now operates plants in countries around the world and supplies what they refer to as “protein items,” including processed beef, pork, and chicken to multinational chain restaurants and retail operations.

As one of the largest privately held food processing companies in existence, OSI Group McDonalds continues to expand. By acquiring Baho Foods of the Netherlands, they opened their supply lines to companies in 18 European countries. Further expansion into Europe was accomplished by taking over Flagship Europe’s production of poultry, pies, and condiments.

With each expansion, OSI Group increases the diversity of its products. In the summer of 2016, OSI bought out the Tyson Foods plant in South Chicago for $7.4 million. It is the combination of expansion and innovation that has kept OSI as a market leader for so long.

President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald states that tastes are “culturally dependent,” and can vary from place to place. OSI Group McDonalds invests seriously into learning the demands of each local market in order to tailor the product to the population.

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Hussain Sajwani: a Role Model to Real Estate Newbies

DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani is a respected man who lives a very busy life. Being the owner of a large real estate company comes with a huge share of responsibilities. There is so much to be done so that the global organization keeps up with customer demands. For decades now, the DAMAC owner has to follow a routine that is set up by his personal assistant. International companies have so many operations, and some of them include cross border management. As the overall chairman of the firm, Hussain Sajwani meets with all the managers and department heads so that he can be given information about the activities taking place in the ground. Keeping up with thousands of operations that are managed by his company makes Hussain Sajwani a busy man who has no time to waste.

Hussain Sajwani and the experienced professionals serving real estate customers through DAMAC Properties have been using diversification to make their work in the world easier. Their greatest secret of success, however, remains to be one of the things many investors in the industry are interested in. When advising people about the changes they should make in their companies so that they can acquire success, Hussain Sajwani tells all investors to appreciate the workers and when possible, offer more than just the ordinary compensation. When the company workers are working in a happy environment and in a content mood, any company, regardless of the industry, can be assured of very good returns.

Networking and forming bonds with people from all walks of life can be very helpful in any business. Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) has expanded his business to a global level because of the relationships he has formed. Company CEOs, government officials, and presidents are some of the people who are friends with Hussain Sajwani. These are the people who have helped real estate company to be accepted in all areas. These top personalities require high class buildings, and this has helped the company to up their game and come up with nothing but the best. Hussain Sajwani has not ventured in the development industry alone. There are many industries that have benefited from the businessman in many ways. Subscribe to Sajwani’s channel.

OSI Industries Knows Business When It Comes To Choosing What Areas To Expand In

In Spain, the presence of OSI Industries has come to a conclusion that they need to expand into the number of food items they can create or process at once. In the recent changes, OSI has decided to increase number of products they provide. Previously the line included mainly beef, pork and fish along with eggs and other poultry ingredients.

GenOSI has since opened up in the Philippines. This sector will carry a number of quality food products which are then created with the hospitality sector in mind. They have partnered up with Fred Uytengsu to open this new facility.

OSI Industries has a large number of plants and production warehouses around the world. Outside of the Philippines, OSI Industries is present in Germany whereas it purchased Baho Foods. This warehouse is creating a wide assortment of deli meats outside of meats. They are also creating a variable of convenience foods and snacks.

It is OSI Industries Food Group that owns the controlling stake in the Baho Food Group. This Dutch food company is mainly involved within the manufacturing of meat products as well as other foods which are used within the food hospitality service area. The transaction is going to allow for OSI to maintain control over the decisions made within the business.

Baho Foods which is now under control of OSI Industries is present mainly in the Netherlands and Germany. They carry control in 5 other subsidiaries and combined hold over 60 years worth of history within the market for and selling of a wide assortment of deli meats and snacks across 18 different European countries.

There was already a presence in the food industry with OSI however with Baho Foods under their belts, OSI is going to hold an ever broader array of customers in the European market and will build off from the business portfolio it holds.

OSI Foods has been in the market for expanding for many years. They are always looking for new ventures to make which will expand their business into other areas of hospitality. They are one of the largest food manufacturer around the world.

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Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Provide Investors with Financial Freedom

There was some confusion about what Freedom Checks were all about when Matt Badiali presented his video describing this type of investment almost a year ago. Some thought it had something to do with Social Security while others thought this was a new type of retirement account like an IRA or 401(k). In fact, Freedom Checks are not a part of a government program and has no age or income restrictions.Freedom Checks are made possible through Statute 26-F that the U.S. Congress enacted in 1987. This statute allows U.S. companies to operate tax free investment under two conditions. They must generate 90 percent of their income through oil and gas production, processing, storage, and transportation within the U.S.

These companies must also pay out a portion of their huge investment revenue to shareholders in Freedom Checks. Shareholders can receive actual checks, or they can have the distribution deposited directly into their brokerage account. There are currently 586 companies that are compliant with Statute 26-F, and they are all organized as Master Limited Partnerships.MLPs are a special type of partnership that was established in the tax code in 1981. Companies that are organized as an MLP are publicly traded, and investors receive favorable tax benefits when they buy shares of an MLP company. These companies are a legitimate businesses whose shareholders include large institutional investors to small individual investors.

Matt Badiali came up with the concept of Freedom Checks while working on a project for a financial expert researching new trends and technologies in the mining and oil industries. He was tasked with exploring profitable investment opportunities in natural resources when he discovered MLPs. He realized that investing in MLPs are beneficial to investors because the distributions are considered a return of capital, so investors do not have to pay taxes on these distributions. Also, if investors decide to sell shares of an MLP at a profit, then they pay at the lower capital gains tax rate, which can save them a lot of money. Many investors have become financially independent thanks to Matt Badiali’s discovery.

How Jason Hope Succeeds As An Entrepreneur And Futurist

Jason Hope is a Scottsdale-based entrepreneur who has been working in the field of technology for over a decade now. As an A.S.U. graduate, Hope went on to attend the W.P. Carey School of Business in order to round out his education.

Once graduated, Hope immediately set out to make his mark as a futurist, entrepreneur, and all-around philanthropist. Finding success from the start, Hope has a unique perspective on the role that entrepreneurs play in the business world. Today, we are going to hone in on the concepts that Hope finds most appealing and important in terms of creating growth in the industry.

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For starters, to understand Jason Hope you have to really get into the mindset of someone who truly believes in the idea of being a futurist. A futurist believes in the growth of technology and the positive impact that it can have on the world if we embrace it. This mindset has guided Hope throughout many of his investment endeavors and it continues to guide him to this day. Hope uses his futurist mindset to pick projects and back ideas that appeal to him, such as smart technology, the Internet of Things, and biotechnology.

As an entrepreneur, however, Jason Hope has broader advice for people who are trying to follow in his successful footsteps: focus on your goals with your whole being. Hope thinks that it is far more important to give one hundred percent of your focus to a project that has a simple core concept instead of spreading your energy around to a variety of different topics and ideas. Hope also believes that it is important to keep your longterm planning in mind. You must always know which direction you are heading in and the best way to do that is to have a game plan set in stone.

Additionally, Jason Hope understands that you really can’t plan out each individual day as an entrepreneur. For Hope, he finds consistency by keeping as much of his routine intact as possible. Staying grounded with a routine, when the rest of your business is relatively shapeless, is integral to finding success in his eyes.

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Neurocore Is Impacting the Lives of Mental Patients

The brain is a very important part in the body of a human being. This amazing organ plays its role in the body well, especially when it is taken care of.

The organ is considered to be one of the most adaptable and resilient part in the body. The brain is always the thought of every perception, thought, emotions and even behaviors. Medical experts say that the brain is made up of special microscopic neurons. A billion neurons are believed to use some chemical signal so that they can regulate all the activities that take place in the brain. Without these neurons, it is not possible to function, think, feel and also process the complicated information around us. Medical experts are still working hard to understand this part of the brain until today. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore is one of the companies that have chosen to specialize in brain activities so that people can have better health. This company has been doing well in EEG technology, and it has ensured that any brain problems are dealt with before they can become worse. This institution has so much advancements, and many people living with mental disorders can afford a smile because of the treatment they receive from the organization. Neurocore cures illnesses such as anxiety, depression, ADHD and many others during the latest technologies. The cost of the services is very affordable to the people who are facing these mental illnesses. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Working in Neurocore is a great opportunity for the individuals who want to try their luck. Most of the individuals who have had the chance to work for the company say that they were getting the compensation they deserve, and they were also treated well by their employer. There are many opportunities that are always advertised in the company website so that interested parties can apply. The management in this institution is well organized, and they always ensure that their workers are happy and content so that they can offer the best to the patients. The employees, however, must be experienced and ready to make an impact in the lives of the people who want to recover from mental illnesses.