How our mindset affects our destiny and why we should not procrastinate based on Dr. Saad Saad’s career journey

With a career spanning for over four decades in pediatric surgery, to many people, Dr. Saad Saad is the epitome of success. However, this has not always been the case, as the story behind his journey to the top, is one entangled in many ups and downs.


During a recent tell it all interview, Dr. Saad revealed that he was born in the late 1940’s, a time that the State of Israel was just being created causing dramatic and life-changing occurrences for every Palestinian. For instance, these changes forced him and his family to move to unknown location leaving his father who was at the time traveling for work, behind.


Even though they were reunited a few days later, it took his father a lot of effort, time and money to get back to them again. Dr. Saad Saad’s father was at the time a skilled mechanic, a factor that made him highly sought out by most employers as this was the time when oil was being discovered. This played as the advantage card for them as they had the opportunity to move to Kuwait where he pursued his education.


Nevertheless, things were not entirely smooth sailing because none of his family members had a passport or any documentation. It is in respect to this that his father advised him that the only way to excel in such a situation is by being well educated, a life lesson he took seriously and one that has contributed majorly to him becoming who he is today.


Initially, Dr. Saad Saad wanted to follow in the footsteps of his elder brothers and become an engineer but the high temperatures in Kuwait which had him suffering a heat stroke, had him thinking otherwise. Fortunately, being the bright person he was, he had multiple career options, and he chose to take the medicine path. During the interview, he also revealed that this was a life lesson he holds dearly to date. He believes that if he was able to convert his title from that of an impoverished Palestinian refugee to one of the most successful pediatric surgeons in America, then there is nothing we can’t do only if we set our minds to it.


Since then, Dr. Saad Saad has never looked back and has gone on to become one of the most renowned doctors specializing in pediatric surgery. He has also come up with various innovations which have helped revolutionize the world of medicine, such as the antifog endoscope which helps minimize time used in surgeries and the electromagnetic catheter which eliminates exposure to X-rays thus reducing risks associated with the mentioned.


Dr. Saad Saad is a firm believer in today and strongly bashes procrastination. He revealed that doing things he can accomplish today is what makes him so productive and even went ahead to add that he owes his success to this habit. Dr. Saad is an alumnus of Cairo University where he earned his medical degree and is also a fully a certified pediatric surgeon. Learn more:

Southridge Capital Understands The Future Of Cryptocurrency

Most people do not understand cryptocurrencies, but many banks, companies, and governments know they are important. Major banks, accounting firms, software companies, and governments are studying cryptocurrencies and creating their own blockchain-projects. Satoshi Nakamoto invested in Bitcoin, creating a decentralized digital cash system through a network of peers with a record of every transaction. The whole network knows about each transaction. When it is confirmed, it becomes a part of the blockchain, or record. Bitcoin is cryptocurrency’s digital gold standard. It has more than 200,000 transaction each day. Banks such as Barclays, BNP Paribas, Citi Bank, and Deutsche Bank are beginning to us it. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Cboe and CME were the first mainstream financial institutions to use Bitcoin. The Intercontinental Exchange is allowing investors to buy Bitcoin directly through its crypto trading product. Goldman Sachs and Susquehanna International Group are planning on offering Bitcoin futures.

Rick Hilton, chairman of Hilton and Hyland, is holding a cryptocurrency auction for a $38 million Roman mansion. If the Palazzetto is sold, it will be the most expensive property bought with cryptocurrency. In 2018, a $6 million Miami estate was purchased with 455 Bitcoins. Hilton uses Propy to sell real estate. Propy’s use of the blockchain ledger allows title deeds issuance globally online. Rick Hilton is AQUA Intelligence’s senior advisor, and the company’s AQX tokens are in the pre-sale phase.

Southridge Capital is very aware of cryptocurrencies, due to their financing expertise. They have a knowledgeable executive team that has expertise in curating and financial planning. Southridge Capital has invested $1.8 billion dollars in growth companies around the world since 1996. They have financed more than 250 public companies. Southridge’s advisory and structured finance services include balance sheet optimization, bankruptcy advice, credit enhancing, financial analysis, financing solutions, legal settlements, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring analysis, and securitization.

1996, Stephen M. Hicks founded Southridge. As the current CEO, he is in charge of business development and the company’s direction. He attended King’s College and Fordham University to earn his Business Administration BS and MBA, respectively. He is excited about the future of cryptocurrency. You can visit their website




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Jason Hope Supporting Medical Research

Jason Hope is looking to help people that are experience age related issues. In addition to fighting back against the physical signs of aging, Jason Hope is looking to help find treatments such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes from even affecting a person.

Jason Hope is an internet based entrepreneur. He is using his philanthropy ideas to help find anti-aging treatments. He is working with the SENS Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit that is looking to stop age related disease. They are looking to find a cure for these conditions. This foundation focuses on rejuvenation biotechnology to help reduce the causes of age related diseases. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

Jason Hope began his work with the SENS foundation in 2010 and since then he has donated a great amount of money to their research projects. Hope states that he invests in the SENS because he is looking to help with the advancements of medicine. He feels that with this research there can be major changes made to the healthcare as well as the biotech industries. In addition to donating money , Hope also donates his time. He is an active member of the group and participates in several outreach efforts.

Jason Hope feels that rejuvenation biotechnology is the future of healthcare. He feels that this research is finding on ways on how to prevent diseases and allowing people to live a higher quality of life in their elder years. As a person ages their metabolism becomes damaged making them more likely to develop certain health conditions. SENS is looking at ways to help the body before the disease happens. Hope fully supports their research and is looking to involve others in the operation as well. He speaks positively on behalf on this company and wants to use his influence to change health care for the better especially for elder people. Read more:


The Risk That Goes into Freedom Checks

If you’re in the investment industry, have watched television, or listened to talk radio, you’ve likely heard about or seen the commercials for freedom checks.” In the commercials, Matt Badiali, the man who brought the idea of “freedom checks’ to the public light, is holding a check guaranteeing that everyone who requests it will receive a share of $34.6 billion dollars. While they sound like some kind of government program or scam, they actually aren’t. However, it isn’t quite as easy as the commercials make it seem.

“Freedom Checks” is actually an investment opportunity. These investments are made in master limited partnerships (MLPs). Investors who invest in MLPs receive the various tax advantages of a limited partnership but, also receive the benefits of a publicly traded company. Investing in master limited partnerships has two main benefits. First, it is a requirement that 90 percent of an MLPs’ profits are passed to the investors. Second, there are a number of tax laws that do not apply to freedom checks. For example, the investor doesn’t pay taxes on capital gains, allowing more money to be made and kept.

Like with most investments, there is some risk involved with this investment opportunity. However, those risks aren’t necessarily higher than other investments. One such risk is that, according to Matt Badiali, there are over 565 MLPs companies. Seems like at that number a person’s odds for making a profit would be high. However, in Badiali’s opinion, only five of those MLPs are worth investing in. Another disadvantage of freedom checks is that the profits an investor makes is solely determined by the amount invested. On average, investors are seeing a return rate in the range of 5 to 9 percent. What this means is if a $10 investment is made, at the end of the year the profit would be less than $1. Therefore, the only way to make a lot of money, is to invest a lot of money. Whether or not this is a worthwhile investment opportunity is determined by how much capital an investor has to put into it.

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