Betsy DeVos: Every Child Has Potential

When you think about a charter school, what are you envisioning? Do you think that it is a place where only the most well off or gifted members of society are welcome? Or do you see it as an opportunity to help advance the opportunities for America’s most vulnerable and impressionable population? When the possibility of school choice first came into the limelight, there were many detractors. So many people had become used to sending their children where ever their Zip code dictated, in the schools were more than happy to take the children with no challenge to their authority. Parents were not briefed on the schools’ educational methods for their influences and teachers were simply hired to fill spaces.


Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos did not like this reality and she spent much of her early career advocating for change in her native state of Michigan. When most parents felt as though they had to accept the way things were, DeVos was running for the State Board of Education so that she could be an instrument of change. DeVos knows that there are opportunities available to her children that would not normally be available to others, but that is exactly why she works so hard. She explained to PhilanthropyRoundtable in a recent interview that it was about more than a student’s socioeconomic status or resources. She saw students who deserve the opportunities presented by charter schools, who worked extremely hard for better future. She also saw parents who were determined to give their children that future.


Nowadays, school choice has gained more acceptance. DeVos explains that while school choice has always been a major cornerstone of her platform, the need for reform of the current public-school system is still very important. With more and more students opting for charter schools and virtual schools, the public-school system has been challenged more than ever. She believes that these varying types of competition will force administrators to look at their own policies and search for ways to offer an innovative education. The sad fact is, that a lot of the schools located in the United States, charter school or public school, are not capable of competing with their international equivalents. There is a sore need for change across all systems. Parents and administrators need to become advocates for their children.


With that being said, DeVos feels as though the education system has made significant leeway since her appointment. There has been increased interest in charter schools, but there are also private schools that have garnered more interest as well. Her time serving these various institutions and as Secretary of Educ. has all been on a strict volunteer basis, she is not getting paid to care about these issues they are truly something that matters to her on a very deep level. DeVos truly believes that she will not have fulfilled her mission in this office until all parents can feel as though they have a choice in their own children’s educational setting or the materials that they are taught. In DeVos’s mind, all children have potential and deserve the right to grow that potential.


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Sussex Healthcare Providing The Best Care

Sussex Healthcare, senior living homes truly believe in providing seniors with the best care possible. Providing those seniors with this required care is the only way to-make it possible for the seniors to live a satisfying life.

Sussex Healthcare operates 20 homes in Sussex, United Kingdom that has provided care for 25 years. Sussex Healthcare is an independent organization that has welcomed thousands of seniors to their care homes over the years. Sussex Healthcare specializes in providing required individualized care for seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, neurology problems, and more.

Why Select Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is located in Sussex, UK. People in the community turn to Sussex to provide care to their seniors because they realize that the organization is one of the few in the community that lives up to exceptionally high standards in excellence, providing warm, kind, and compassionate care to the seniors in the care homes. The staff, which is led by the new CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor, truly believes that seniors deserve a safe place to stay that is comfortable, provides them with independence, and security. The fact is that Sussex Healthcare provides care to the seniors in the homes around the clock or 24 hours a day. Clearly, the seniors in the homes are able to live a better lifestyle because of the kind, warm, and compassionate staff at the care homes.

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Join Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare believes a care homes reputation rest on the quality of the staff that provides care at the homes. Therefore, they prefer workers that demonstrate a reliable, honest, kind, and caring personality. If this sounds like you, there are plenty of job opportunities waiting for you at Sussex Healthcare. Here are a few of the current job openings at Sussex.

* Senior Care Assistant – Care for seniors in the care homes
* Interim Peripatetic Care Home Manager – Supply support to the home manager in the care homes operations
* Domestic Assistance – Maintenance of the care homes
* Housekeeper – Keep all areas of the care homes clean
* Activity Assistants – Assist in arranging activities for those residing in the care homes

If you would like to start a rewarding career with an award winning organization that believes in excellence, consider Sussex Healthcare. They are actively recruiting kind, warm, and caring people to work for their healthcare organization. Visit their online job site for more information.

End Citizens United / Democrats Fighting For Reform

Citizens United was a judgement passed by The Supreme Court in 2010. This decision further established the legal basis for the idea that “corporations are people”. This allows them to contribute to elections and sway the vote in their favor. Most Democrats have been fighting to reform this law ever since. They formed an organization in 2015 called End Citizens United.

* End Citizens United has a mailing address in Washington D.C. They also have supporters all over the country. New citizens join the mission everyday.

* The President of the group is Tiffany Muller. She is also Executive Director. She leads the group with grassroots efforts to get big money out of politics. During her first cycle as President she raised more than 25 million dollars for the organization.

* The mission of End Citizens United is to end big money in politics. Corporations can make unlimited and undisclosed donations to candidates. End Citizens United will push back by electing officials that support campaign finance reform. Grassroots efforts are being made to help change the national conversation and pass new pro-reform laws. We can all help their mission by coming out to vote this year.

* Efforts to target the Big Money 20 are ramping up. These 20 Republicans are the organizations top priority, because they favor special interests over their own people.

The Big Money 20:

-House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin
-Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas
-Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada
-Rep. Mike Bishop of Michigan
-Rep. Rod Blum of Iowa
-Rep. Mike Bost of Illinois
-Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado
-Rep. Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania
-Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen of New Jersey
-Rep. Duncan Hunter of California
-Rep. Will Hurd of Texas
-Rep. Darrell Issa of California
-Rep. Tom MacArthur of New Jersey
-Rep Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania
-Rep. Erik Paulsen of Minnesota
-Rep. Rob Pittenger of North Carolina
-Rep. Dana Rohrbacher of California
-Rep. Peter Roskam of Illinois
-Rep. Claudia Tenney of New York
-Rep. Mimi Walters of California

* Fundraising efforts are well underway for 2018. End Citizens United expects to raise and spend 35 million dollars on elections this year. This will benefit the candidates they support. Most do not accept contributions from corporate PACs. Over 70 have refused corporate donations. Gary Trauner is one of them. They recently endorsed him for U.S. Senate in Wyoming. Dr. Hiral Tiperneni was also endorsed by End Citizens United in March 2018.

This organization has already made a positive impact this year. Candidates and voters overwhelmingly support the movement. This gives me hope for a brighter 2018.

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Why Jose Hawilla Transitioned From Reporter To Entrepreneur

Jose Hawilla is a Brazilian entrepreneur who owns one of the largest sports marketing companies in that nation, Traffic Sports. He started out his professional career as a journalist who covered many topics, including sports. He is originally from Sao Jose do Rio Preto and now lives in two cities, Rio Preto and Palmeiras. Jose has been married for many years and they have three children including one who is now an entrepreneur himself.

In addition to Traffic Sports, Jose Hawilla also owns a giant newspaper network named Redo Globo Affiliates. Among the newspapers he publishes are Good Morning Rio Preto, Bom Dia Jundiai, Good Morning Catanduva, and Good Morning Marilia among others. Since 2009 he has owned one of the older newspapers in Brazil, Diario Popular, which he renamed as Diario de Sao Paulo.

For a decade Jose Hawilla was a reporter on both the radio and television. He worked for a number of media companies such as Rede Record, Rede Globo, and Radio and TV Bandeirantes. He covered a number of huge sporting events like Summer and Winter Olympics, World Cup games, as well as Formula One. He says his journalism career came to an abrupt halt, though, in 1979 when the company he was working for fired him because he attended an industry strike. He was later re-hired but he decided to go in a different direction and start his own firm. For more details visit Crunchbase.

It was in 1980 that he and some business partners bought Traffic Sports. The first ads they displayed for their clients were on bus stops. Before long Traffic Sports was putting ads on publicity boards in stadiums across Brazil. His firm today handles the sponsorship contracts that the Brazilian national soccer team enters into, such as their current on with Nike. Traffic Sports also holds the rights to both the World Cup Qualifiers and Copa America. His company has also signed contracts with many individual players so that no matter what team they play for Traffic Sports handles their economic rights. Among other interests Jose Hawilla also owns Estoril Praia Sports Group which is a soccer outfit located in Portugal. You can search on Google for more info.

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