Richard Blair Is Helping People All Over Austin Texas To Secure Their Financial Future

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, which is a company that provides services to people who are looking to protect, manage, and grow their assets. He advises everybody to think about putting together a long-term plan to meet their finance and investment goals, and he serves the community of Austin, Texas by helping them to plan for their retirement and manage their wealth. The company follows a thorough and complete three pillar philosophy that allows it to get to the bottom of any client’s financial state and discover what kind of retirement plan will suit them best.


The first Pillar of Richard Blair’s philosophy has to do with helping his clients to create a roadmap for their financial needs. This helps to point out anyone’s particular financial goals, strengths, weaknesses, and how much they are willing to risk when investing. Figuring all of this out helps to build the base for the next Pillar, which is all about building a long-term strategy that matches a client’s needs. By managing and shifting his clients’ assets, he makes sure that they are set up to survive the highs and lows of the market as it changes over the years. Pillar three is where Blair focuses on the insurance needs of his clients in order to ensure they have the right kind of life insurance and long-term plan.


Richard Blair grew up surrounded by teachers including his mother and grandmother, and this influenced him to become a teacher, of sorts, himself. Since his passion is in the financial services sector, he decided to focus on teaching people to take better care of their assets, to make the right kinds of investments, and to prepare themselves for their retirement. In 1994, he started up Wealth Solutions to help people who live in the area of Austin, Texas with these areas. Currently, he offers his services to people by providing them with honest suggestions that can help their financial situation in a huge way.


Richard Blair is an Investment Adviser Representative, Retirement Income Certified Professional, Certified Tax Specialist, Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Income Specialist, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, and a Certified Fund Specialist who went into the financial services industry as soon as he completed his college education. It didn’t take him long before he struck out on his own, and people all over Austin, Texas, to this day, are thankful to have a man like Richard Blair on their side to help them with their finances.


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