The Securus Technologies’ Business Model – Security and Modernity

Prison technology is definitely one of the most important fields to worry about, and the main emphasis has to always be security, because of how you deal with inmates and all kinds of people with different degrees of intentions.


In that regard, many prisons often search for the best technology provider, and for the latest years, that company has become Securus Technologies. Why?


Securus Technologies has made their philosophy to prioritize security and well-developed modern technology. This is singlehandedly one of the most important reasons why Securus Technologies has an edge over other companies that provide solutions for prisons, as they often do not have the security support that Securus offers in a regular basis.


For example: The communication devices and services of Securus Technologies come with a system that allows law enforcers that work in the prison to use the technology to monitor a conversation any time they want in case the need for investigation arises. This reality is the same for conversations that already took place: Any call can be pulled and checked with the monitoring system provided by Securus Technologies.


And the company is not only great for the law enforcers and correction agents, the staff of the prison; inmates also have been asked about their opinions on the new communication services after a prison has switched from one communication provider to another. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The main compliments were centered in the rise in quality and how they were able to contact their families and friends without the call failing. Inmates were impressed by how the standard of the quality improved by such a big margin just by switching providers.


Because of the monitoring system, the staff of a prison was able to catch a corrupted employee who was helping an inmate contraband drugs inside the prison, and they were communicating using the prison telephones.


The Securus Technologies staff is also, obviously, focused on improving their gadgets and systems. They are constantly updating their monitoring software and also improving their communication hardware whenever possible, adding new functionalities both for the staff of the prisons but also for the monitoring staff.