Mike Nierenberg Is Always Learning On The Path To Success

Did you know that Mike Nierenberg started out with Lehman Brothers? Do you know why that is important?

Well, it was at this prestigious firm that Mike Nierenberg was able to really hone in on the mortgage industry and lay down the foundation to become a prominent player in the financial sector. Mike Nierenberg now works at a company where he is the head honcho, he is the Chief Executive Officer at New Residential Investment Corporation.

Mike Nierenberg shows individuals that being interested, being interesting, and being competent are traits to have to be player in any particular market space. The second aspect Mike Nierenberg will be able to show individuals who are interested in growing their star, is that, it is important to align with people who have resources and are organized. He was able to choose wisely by picking Lehman Brothers as his first prominent financial institution to be a part of.

We know that Mike Nierenberg was a key part of building up their adjustable rate mortgage division. But what do we know about the firm and why Mike Nierenberg would have chosen, what do we know about the history of Lehman Brothers?

Let’s find out a little bit more about the history of the financial institution behind the history of Mike Nierenberg.

The Growth of Lehman Brothers from 1847 to 1880

Yes, Lehman Brothers were around since the mid portion of the 1800s and it has quite a history. The story of Lehman brothers starts to pick up after one Lehman brother helps to establish the New York Cotton Exchange, he delves into another hot sector that is stable and viable, the railroad bonds business, he then progresses to adding advisory services for financial affairs.

He continued to hold prominent positions within the different emerging institutions of trade. The second institution he would join would be the Coffee Exchange, the next one would be the New York Stock Exchange.

One of the legendary founders of the firm where Mike Nierenberg would eventually work was showing an example of how to be relevant in an industry, be skillful, bring something to the table, and continue to be present in the industry.

Mike Nierenberg has also shown these traits throughout his career as well and that is why he is the leader of the New Residential Investment Corporation.

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Isabel dos Santos: Achievement and Empowerment

Isabel dos Santos is an African philanthropist and entrepreneur born in 1973. A billionaire, she is the oldest daughter of the former president of Angola and is known as the wealthiest woman in Africa. Her father, José Eduardo dos Santos, met her mother in Russia when he was a student there before an illustrious career that included serving as Angola’s president between 1979 and 2017.

Education and Career

An individual with a highly international background, Isabel dos Santos went to boarding school in England as a young girl and later earned a degree in engineering from King’s College, London. She met her husband, who is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, while at King’s College as well.

After her education, she returned to Angola and worked as a manager and executive for several companies involved in telecommunications, trucking and more in the capital city of Luanda. An entrepreneur, Isabel dos Santos also created her own businesses, including successful restaurants and bars; the first was Miami Beach Club, founded in 1997

Her success continued through the 1990’s and 2000’s, and she amassed a considerable fortune. Looking abroad, Isabel dos Santos next became a power player in the financial community of Portugal and currently has significant investments and stakes in a number of European corporations with an emphasis on telecommunications and technology holdings.

Efforts to empower others

Isabel dos Santos encourages other African female entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. She has written and spoken in an inspirational manner to encourage girls to go into engineering and wants young females to know that they can succeed in traditionally male-dominated fields.

She has given practical advice on how to start businesses, how to make the most of educational opportunities always in a positive manner. An expert in urban planning, she has written about the explosive population growth of Africa and has many ideas on how to plan ahead. In short, she is a highly accomplished woman who has made a tremendous fortune and is now focusing on giving back through sharing the wisdom gained throughout her career.

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Allied Wallet’s Success Lies in its Diverse Products

As online shopping and commerce grows, so must the financial industry grow with it, an that is what Allied Wallet, an online payment processing company is doing in order to assure both consumers and business that use its payment platform. Allied Wallet is worldwide available, adding new capabilities and being added to existing shopping and social platforms all the time. By creating a seamless way for customers to pay for their purchases, the payment provider is proving its worth to business owners searching for the easiest, but safest option for all parties.

The spending that occurs on the online shopping market continues to grow each and every quarter, regardless of what the rest of the economy and financial markets are doing. Every day new businesses are moving their sales online and every day new customers are discovering the tech, and it is up to companies like Allied Wallet to meat that demand. New apps, such as WeChat, continue to introduce payment options to their apps, and they need to work with payment providers to add those services to their platforms. By working to make their services integral to digital products, the company is guaranteeing their success through demand.

One of the main reasons for Allied Wallet’s success is the diversification of the products that it offers, as well as moving into under served markets around the globe. Many time products are launched in the location where they are created, and then rolled out to other areas as they gain earnings. By broadening the area of the markets they work in, Allied Wallet has made itself the preferred choice in many regions all over the world rather than just another service that everyone has heard of but is unable to benefit from. These connections have made the difference between real growth and just surviving in an fiercely competitive market.

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Peter Briger, Principal of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger Is A Reputable Investment Professional

Are you looking for a great resource or reliable advice on investment matters? Do you want to enlist the services of someone who is well versed in investing? Perhaps, you are on the lookout for an expert in alternative investments. That’s where a professional like Peter Briger comes in – to provide you with the guidance and advice you need to reach your goal. Peter Briger is the Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at the well known alternative asset manager, Fortress Investment Group. As a highly sought after investment services and advisory firm, Fortress Investment Group has provided financial and investment solutions to numerous people around the world. Fortress Investment Group has been around for many years and has an established history of helping clients reach their goal.

The company has financial professionals who are well versed in all aspects of investing and asset management. Many people go online searching for investing, financial planning and money management strategies that work effectively in today’s world. They have the money to invest but need a reputable team to guide them. There are many ways to go about investing your money. Whether you are interested in saving for your children’s education or you want to invest and grow your portfolio for financial freedom, it is extremely important to consult a professional who is well known for rendering outstanding financial service to clients.

The private equity team at Fortress Investment Group is highly experienced in investing in physical and financial assets. They have great expertise in handling investments in the areas of solar facilities and real estate, railroads and airplanes, and loans and leases secured. Peter Briger and the team at Fortress Investment Group believes that asset-based investing facilitates a wider range of exit alternatives. Alternative investments have been gaining increased popularity as both institutions and individuals looking for ways to potentially generate significant returns beyond holding stocks and bonds. Before getting into any form of investing or asset management, it is always advisable to consult highly reputable professional like Peter Briger and the team at Fortress Investment Group.

Genucel and Chamonix Products

Genucel is a line of products that has produced the new anti-aging serum by Chamonix that allows you to have younger and firmer skin as you get older. The aging process is inevitable, and we cannot avoid it. However, the Genucel products provide you with an option to maintain your youth and get rid of all the lines and wrinkles that make you look older. These products have already been tested on humans that have volunteered, and therefore they are very effective. The aging process causes your skin to become droopy and saggy because of the fluid that accumulates in the area. That is why older people have baggy eyes and puffiness around the area. One of the core ingredients that Genucel has is Eyeseryl.

Eyeseryl is an essential ingredient that quickly eradicates baggy eyes. Eyeseryl eliminates the fluid that has accumulated around the eyes and eyelid which lids to a reduction in edema. The use of Genucel products ensures that the baggy eyes are eliminated within fifteen days of using because of this ingredient. One important factor to note is that the Genucel products contain twice as much Eyeseryl as any other product in the market to fasten the elimination of eye bags. Eyeseryl is also responsible for eliminating any glycation. Glycation occurs when a sugar and protein attach themselves together without the presence of an enzyme that can facilitate the process. Glycation causes the skin to sag as well. Another important ingredient that is contained in the Genucel products is PhytoCellTec. PhytoCellTec is an ingredient that is a stem cell, and it is derived from a Swiss apple.

This stem cell is responsible for strengthening the fibers in your skin cell and allowing them to rejuvenate more quickly. It is also responsible for strengthening the fibers in your skin. Another powerful ingredient that Genucel by Chamonix contains is an algal extract, goji berry extract, and green tea leaf extract. All these ingredients serve as powerful antioxidants that eliminate any damage caused in the DNA. The algal extract also acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient that protects your skin from any toxins that may be present. Collagen is also another ingredient that is contained in Genucel products. This ingredient is made from scales of fish, and it is meant to brighten up the skin providing it with the glow that it needs. The Genucel products are very effective in maintaining youthful skin and getting rid of eye bags.




Paul Mampilly – Highly Experienced and Knowledgeable Financial Advisor and Analyst

In the last few years, the financial markets have become much more complex than it ever was. While commercial organizations and wealthy individuals can use the expertise of the financial analysts and gurus, the common people have to suffer. The number of options available when a person wants to make a simple investment in the market is too many, and people without much financial knowledge and experience can easily get confused. Paul Mampilly is one of the financial analysts who has made a career in Wall Street and has worked at some of the top banks and hedge funding firms in his career.

Paul believes that with little guidance, it would become much more comfortable for familiar people to invest in a strategic manner that would help them secure their future financially. Investing randomly without doing any research or ascertaining your future tips would make it difficult for people to achieve their financial goals, leave alone securing the future financially. Paul Mampilly after working for many years with financial and corporate companies and banks decided that it is time he helped put his expertise to use for the ordinary people. It is what motivated him to join Banyan Hill Publishing as its senior editor. He loves the fact that he is able to help common people make an informed financial choices.

Paul Mampilly continues to provide financial guidance and tips in the financial newsletter named Profit Unlimited, which is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. It is one of the most popular financial newsletters in the United States, subscribed by thousands of people across the country. Starting from the stock market tips too much more, Paul Mampilly has provided investment tips with different goals for different people having different financial goals. While some people are looking to invest in the short-term while others want to invest in the long-term, Paul Mampilly ensures that he provides different investment options to match the needs of different people.

If you want to live a life that is free from any financial worries, following the advice of Paul would help you anchor your financial situation for present and the future.

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Serge Belamant: Blockchain Breakthrough Technology

Serge Belamant is the owner and founder of blockchain technologies. Blockchain technology and blockchain devices are thought to be a new idea. In fact, Serge Belamant created blockchain technologies many years ago as a result of his experience in the technological industry. Serge Belamant moved to South Africa. When he moved to South Africa, he furthered his studies in computer science. He moved from France. He was 14 years old when he moved to South Africa. While he was in South Africa, he attended Witwatersrand University. The university taught him about the technology industry. Computer science is a field that revolves around the processes of a computer. Algorithms and digital information are aspects of computer science.

Computer science allows the user to learn the details of the processing system. When the details are learned and understood, the possibilities are endless for new technology. When Serge Belamant studied and learned about computer science, he was able to design the first blockchain technologies. He has created one of the biggest industries that exists today. The skill needed to trade funds between two uncommon parties takes dedicated and extensive knowledge. Net1 CEO Serge Belamant to take early retirement. Belamant spent his years at university acquiring, practicing and applying the skills needed to bring his idea to life.

In the year of 1999, Belamant partnered with a major tech company. He partnered with Net1. Together, the two entities developed a unique payment system that involved blockchain technologies. The system was used for the transfer of welfare funds. The transfer of the funds took place via blockchain capabilities. This is why Serge Belamant is regarded as the initiator of blockchain technology. Blockchain technologies are intricate and delicate in structure. Blockchain technologies are not as straight forward as regular bank payments and currency exchanges. The system he created with Net1 back in 1999 is still sought after today in places such as Russia and Iraq. The payment system for economies is utilized in today’s market.

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How One Ingredient Made Organo Gold Inescapable

Organo Gold, one of the largest, successful multi-marketing companies that produce gourmet coffee, teas, and personal care products, for years, has been creating a stir in the coffee industry. While most coffee products wake you up and put more pep in your step, Organo Gold goes one step further with their signature Ganoderma Lucidum extract.

A Medicinal Mushroom With A Long List Of Benefits

Grown in Asia, Ganoderma Lucidum, also called Reishi is mushroom whose ingredients hold many therapeutic properties. The spores of this mushroom contain triterpenes, which have been found to boost the immune system and fight off various types of tumors. These spores are also rich in polysaccharides, beta-d-glucans, lipids, and an array of minerals. It’s been a staple in Asian cultures and has been studied all over the world to pinpoint its biological activities. However, it wasn’t a consumer-centric element until Organo Gold began fortifying their products with it.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 in British Columbia by Bernardo Chua. Originally from the Philippines, Chua was raised with a deep understanding of holistic health benefits. Ganoderma Lucidum has been known as a “miraculous mushroom” and Chua decided to utilize those health benefits by complimenting the world’s favorite drink with Ganoderma Lucidum extract. With a successful beginning, Chua began developing a bigger product line.

In 2017, Organo Gold launched a new body management product line: Fenix. It comes in a range of refreshing flavors that can be mixed in water or juice and enhances performance, and stamina.

With a stellar reputation and a health-conscious concept, the company’s wellness coffee remains at the top of the list for coffee lovers.

Isabel dos Santos’ Contribution to the Angola Economy

Isabel dos Santos is a successful businesswoman in Angola. She is popular for her growth of e-commerce and her contribution to the development of technology. Jose Eduardo dos Santos, a former Angolan President, is her dad. Isabel became the richest woman in Africa in 2013. Her net worth was over the charts, and she had great influence in Angola. Isabel is very dedicated to her work. Isabel dos Santo’s career has been a journey of success. She started by working in London where she held executive positions for different firms and has worked for organizations on the European stock exchange and has led them to continuous business growth. Her contribution to firms can be easily noted due to her determination and self-drive.

Isabel dos Santos moved back to Angola where she worked on a project with her father. Isabel was among the first to open a club in Luanda Island. The business thrived which made her passion in business grow more. She currently has several companies in both inside and outside Angola. She has majorly worked with Portugal in expanding her business entities. She partnered up with various organizations in Angola to make her dream of telecommunication a reality.

Isabel dos Santos had an interest in technology and making Africa go digital. She believed technology would make Africa as a country grow and also provide a platform where Africa would interact with other countries. Africans needed to be educated on technology for them to use it. Isabel dos Santos saw the potential in Africa, all they needed was better technology, and the countries would greatly develop. She created Unitel a communications centre that provides education to the citizens of Angola. She aimed to have skilled personnel in Angola in the future. Isabel’s companies have provided job opportunities in the country thus raising the living standards of some people.

Isabel dos Santos advocates for women’s well-being and equal opportunities for them. She believes women can do anything once given a chance. Isabel does not believe in the patriarchal African society where men should be in authority while women do household chores and take care of children. Isabel dos Santos empowers women to be go-getters.


Brian Torchin And The Creation Of The Hcrc Agency

Brian Torchin is the president and owner of the HCRC staffing an agency based in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. The HCRC staffing is an agency whose main goal is filling up medical positions available around the world. This is made possible by the availability of online resources for the company and the professionals.

Brian Torchin graduated from the college Chiropractic based in New York with a degree in Exercise Science. He didn’t find the idea of looking for a Job Pleasant which is the main reason he founded the HCRC. The philosophy the company works on differs from any other company because it is based on making long-time partnerships with their employees as opposed to any other companies of the same kind. With time, the organization has grown to one of the most successful staffing agencies around the world. The agency has grown and has over 50 offices worldwide. The offices are based in Europe, Asia, Canada, and in Australia among many other places. Find out more about Brian at topix.com

In his social media, he has up-to-date posts from his Facebook ,twitter to his linked in among several others. Taking Facebook as an example, he has created several groups which link several groups of individuals in the medical field. He also posts jobs openings for any qualified individual out there with the qualifications since they are always looking for the best in the field. On Twitter, he tweets information about the availability of any chiropractic help and has a total of over 1000 followers. He has been featured on CBC Radio and also on CNN. Whenever he posts, Brian Torchin provides different links to different available jobs. The agency is on the hunt for individuals with the following specialties; Physical therapists, dental assistants, physician assistants, and chiropractors. The jobs he gives link to are available for both full-time and part-time jobs depending on the individual. Read more: https://www.glassdoor.com/Job/brian-torchin-jobs-SRCH_KO0,13.htm